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A. Quantum Wires - Growth and Structure

1 Properties of Quantum Wire Superlattices Obtained by Organized Epitaxy on Vicinal Substrates: Disorder or Modulation? 1137
B. Etienne, M. Hayne, F. Petit, F. Lelarge & F. Laruelle
2 In Situ Tunneling Microscopic Study of GaAs/AlAs Wire Superlattices on Vicinal Substrates 1145
S. Gwo, H. Ohno & H. Tokumoto
3 In-Situ Growth and Characterization of ZnSe Quantum Wires on Patterned GaAs 1149
L. Parthier, R. Rogaschewski, M. von Ortenberg, V. Rossin, F. Henneberger, M. Grundmann & D. Bimberg
4 Inhomogeneous Deformation in Lattice-Mismatched Quantum Well Dots and Wires 1153
N.A. Gippius & S.G. Tikhodeev

B. Quantum Wires - Electronic and Optical Properties

1 Quantum Kinetic Enhancement of Intersubband Impact Ionization in Quantum Wires by Non-Resonant Transitions 1157
H. Schröder, E. Schöll & T. Kuhn
2 Coulomb-Correlation Effects on the Non-Linear Optical Properties of Realistic Quantum Wires 1161
F. Rossi & E. Molinari
3 Enhancement of Binding Energy and Lateral Confinement of One-Dimensional Excitons in 5-nm-Scale T-Shaped Quantum Wires 1165
T. Someya, H. Akiyama & H. Sakaki
4 Confined Quantum Wire States in T-Shaped GaAs/AlGaAs Structures 1169
W. Langbein & J.M. Hvam
5 Far-Infrared Excitations in InAs Quantum Wires 1173
J. Kono, X.G. Peralta, J. Cerne, S.J. Allen Jr., H. Sakaki, T. Sugihara, S. Sasa & M. Inoue
6 Eight-Band 1177
O. Stier, M. Grundmann & D. Bimberg
7 Ultrafast Carrier Trapping into Quantum Wires 1181
J.F. Ryan, A.C. Maciel, C. Kiener, L. Rota, J.M. Freyland, K. Turner, U. Marti, D. Martin, F. Morier-Gemoud & F.K. Reinhart
8 Large Diamagnetic Shift in p-Type Modulation-Doped Quantum Wires 1185
S. Nomura, H. Isshiki, Y. Aoyagi, T. Sugano, K. Uchida & N. Miura
9 Polarization Anisotropy in V-Groove Quantum Wires 1189
F. Vouilloz, D.Y. Oberli & E. Kapon
10 The Recombination of a Dense Electron Hole Plasma in a Quantum Wire: Evidence for Excitonic Effects 1193
R. Ambigapathy, I. Bar Joseph, M.J. Brasil, D. Oberli, S. Haacke, E. Kapon & B. Deveaud
11 Optical Properties of Excitons in GaAs and InGaAs V-Shaped Quantum Wires 1197
R. Rinaldi, R. Cingolani, P.V. Giugno, M. DeVittorio, M. Lomascolo, M. DiDio, L. DeCaro, L. Tapfer, F. Rossi, E. Molinari, U. Marti & F.K. Reinhart
12 Raman Efficiency in Open Nanostructures 1201
J. Rubio, H.P. van der Meulen & J.M. Calleja
13 Confinement and Passivation in Isolated and Coupled Silicon Quantum Wires 1205
S. Ossicini, M. Biagini, C.M. Bertoni, G. Roma & O. Bisi
14 Low Temperature Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy Studies on Quantum Wires Fabricated on GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs Heterostructures 1209
C. Eder, J. Smoliner, G. Strasser & E. Gornik
15 Inelastic Light Scattering by Magnetoplasmons and Bernstein Modes in GaAs-AlGaAs Quantum Wires 1213
R. Krahne, C. Steinebach, C. Schüller, G. Biese, D. Heitmann, P. Grambow & K. Eberl

C. Quantum Wires - Correlation and Transport

1 Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquid in Quantum Wires 1217
H. Fukuyama, M. Ogata & M. Mori
2 Spin-Polarized Currents from a Zeeman-Split Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquid in Quantum Wires 1225
T. Kimura, K. Kuroki & H. Aoki
3 Spin- and Valley-Occupancy Instability Induced by Many-Body Effects in the One-Dimensional Electron Gas: Oscillator Confinement 1229
A. Gold & L. Calmels
4 Spin Polarisation in a One-Dimensional Electron Gas in the Absence of a Magnetic Field 1233
K.J. Thomas, J.T. Nicholls, M.Y. Simmons, M. Pepper, D.R. Mace & D.A. Ritchie
5 Realization of GaAs-Based Small Quantum Structures by Schottky In-Plane-Gate Control of 2DEG 1237
H. Okada, T. Hashizume, K. Jinushi, T. Kudoh & H. Hasegawa
6 High Temperature Single-Hole Transport in Silicon Quantum Wires 1241
N.T. Bagraev, L.E. Klyachkin, A.M. Malyarenko & W. Gehlhoff
7 Magnetophonon Analysis of Quantum Wire Systems 1245
G. Ploner, J. Smoliner, G. Strasser & E. Gornik
8 Acoustic Phonon Absorption/Scattering in a Quantum Wire Structure 1249
A.J. Naylor, A.J. Kent, P. Hawker, M. Henini & B. Bracher

D. Quantum Dots - Self-Assembled and Pattern-Induced Growth

1 Exploring New Pathways to Quantum Dots 1253
D.E. Jesson, K.M. Chen, S.J. Pennycook, T. Thundat & R.J. Warmack
2 Theory of Self-Ordering of Semiconductor Nanostructures 1261
V.A. Shchukin
3 MOVPE Growth and Electronic Properties of InP/GaInP Quantum Dots 1269
L. Samuelson, S. Anand, N. Carlsson, P. Castrillo, K. Georgsson, D. Hessman, M.-E. Pistol, C. Pryor, W. Seifert, L.R. Wallenberg, A. Carlsson, J.-O. Bovin, S. Nomura, Y. Aoyagi, T. Sugano, K. Uchida & N. Miura
4 Lattice-Matched and Mismatched Quantum Boxes Fabricated via Size-Reducing Growth on Nonplanar Patterned Substrates 1277
P. Chen, A. Konkar, H.T. Lin, D.H. Rich & A. Madhukar
5 Etched Single Quantum Dots - Local Probes of Semiconductor Properties 1285
A. Forchel, R. Steffen, M. Michel, A. Pecher & T.L. Reinecke
6 Structural Characterisation of Single and Multiple Layers of Self-Assembled InGaAs Quantum Dots by High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction and Reflectivity 1293
A.A. Darhuber, J. Stangl, V. Holy, G. Bauer, A. Krost, F. Heinrichsdorff, M. Grundmann, D. Bimberg, V.M. Ustinov & P.S. Kop'ev
7 In-Situ Control of InAs Quantum Dot Evolution in MBE, MOVPE and MOMBE 1297
E. Steimetz, F. Schienle, J.-T. Zettler, W. Richter, D. Westwood, Z. Sobiesierski, C. Matthai, B. Junno, M. Miller & L. Samuelson
8 The Equilibrium Shape of InAs Quantum Dots Grown on a GaAs(001) Substrate 1301
E. Pehlke, N. Moll & M. Scheffler
9 Absence of a Critical Thickness for the Self-Aggregation of Quantum Dots in InAs/GaAs Quantum Wells 1305
A. Patan
10 Molecular Dynamics Studies of the Stress Distribution in Strained Semiconductor Nanostructures 1309
W. Yu & A. Madhukar
11 Nanoscale Modification of Nitrogen-Passivated GaAs Surface Using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy 1313
M. Kasu, T. Makimoto & N. Kobayashi
12 Structural and Optical Properties of Surface InP Quantum Dots 1317
M.-E. Pistol, J.-O. Bovin, A. Carlsson, N. Carlsson, P. Castrillo, K. Georgsson, D. Hessman, T. Junno, L. Montelius, C. Persson, L. Samuelson, W. Seifert & L.R. Wallenberg
13 Kinetically and Thermodynamically Induced Self Organization Effects in the Growth of Quantum Dots by MOCVD 1321
F. Heinrichsdorff, A. Krost, M. Grundmann, D. Bimberg, A. Kosogov, P. Werner, F. Bertram & J. Christen
14 Type-II GaAs Quantum Islands Embedded in AlAs: Growth Peculiarities and Optical Properties 1325
F. Pietag, A. Tchouassi, I. Pietzonka, V. Gottschalch, R. Schwabe, G. Wagner, A. Bitz & J.L. Staehli
15 Molecular Beam Epitaxy of InAs Self-Organized Quantum Dots on High-Index Oriented GaAs 1329
P.P. González-Borrero, E. Marega Jr., D.I. Lubyshev, E. Petitprez & P. Basmaji
16 Strain State and Morphology of (In,Ga)As/GaAs ``Quantum-Dot''-Like Structures 1333
A. Mazuelas, J.-L. Lazzari, M. Wassermeier, A. Trampert, R. Klann, O. Brandt & K. Ploog
17 A Novel Approach to Theoretical Treatment with 3D Island Formation During Epitaxial Growth 1337
A.Yu. Kaminski & R.A. Suris

E. Quantum Dots - Electronic and Optical Properties

1 Pseudopotential Theory of Semiconductor Quantum Dots, Wires, and Films 1341
A. Zunger
2 Progress and Perspective of Quantum Wire and Dot Devices 1349
Y. Arakawa
3 Optical Studies of Self-Assembled (In,Ga,Al)Sb/GaAs Quantum Dot Heterostructures 1357
E.R. Glaser, B.R. Bennett, B.V. Shanabrook & R. Magno
4 Capacitance-Voltage Characterization of Electron Energy Levels in InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots Grown by MBE 1361
P.N. Brounkov, N.N. Faleev, Yu.G. Musikhin, A.A. Suvorova, V.M. Ustinov, A.E. Zhukov, A.Yu. Egorov, V.M. Maximov, A.F. Tsatsul'nikov, P.S. Kop'ev & S.G. Konnikov
5 Space-Charge Spectroscopy on InP Quantum Dots in Ga0.5In0.5P 1365
H. Pettersson, S. Anand, H.G. Grimmeiss, M.-E. Pistol & L. Samuelson
6 Charge Neutrality Violation in Quantum Dot Lasers 1369
L.V. Asryan & R.A. Suris
7 Mesoscopic and Atomic Zeeman Effects in Quantum Well Dots Induced by Coherent InP Islands 1373
J. Tulkki, H. Lipsanen, M. Sopanen, M. Brasken, M. Lindberg, J. Ahopelto, R. Rinaldi, P.V. Giugno & R. Cingolani
8 Exciton Complexes in Ga(In)As/GaAs Quantum Dots 1377
Ph. Lelong & G. Bastard
9 Microscopic Excitation Spectroscopy for Single Quantum Dots Formed by Self-Organized Growth on a (311)B GaAs Substrate 1381
M. Notomi, T. Furuta, H. Kamada, J. Temmyo & T. Tamamura
10 Spin-Flip Raman Scattering in InP/InGaP Quantum Dots 1385
A.A. Sirenko, T. Ruf, A. Kurtenbach & K. Eberl
11 Electronic Energy Levels and Energy Relaxation Mechanisms in Self-Organised InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots 1389
M.J. Steer, D.J. Mowbray, M.S. Skolnick, W.R. Tribe, M.D. Sturge, M. Hopkinson, A.G. Cullis & C.R. Whitehouse
12 Surface Acoustic Wave Scattering in Quantum Wire and Quantum Dot Arrays 1393
G.R. Nash, S.J. Bending, M. Boero, J.C. Inkson, P. Grambow, K. Eberl, Y. Kershaw & K. von Klitzing
13 Photoconductivity and Capacitive Photovoltage in GaAs/InAs Quantum Dot Heterostructures 1397
V.Ya. Aleshkin, B.N. Zvonkov, I.G. Malkina, E.R. Lin'kova, I.A. Karpovich & D.O. Filatov
14 Relaxation and Recombination Dynamics of Optically Generated Carriers in Strain-Induced InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Dots 1401
S. Grosse, J.H.H. Sandmann, G. von Plessen, J. Feldmann, H. Lipsanen, M. Sopanen, J. Tulkki & J. Ahopelto
15 Photoluminescence of Spin-Orbit-Split Exciton in the Self-Assembled InAs and In0.5Ga0.5As Quantum Dots 1405
Y.A. Pusep, J.C. Galzerani, S.W. Da Silva, D.I. Lubyshev, P.P. González-Borrero & P. Basmaji
16 Visible Luminescence from Quantum Dots Induced by Self-Organized Stressors 1409
M. Sopanen, M. Taskinen, H. Lipsanen & J. Ahopelto
17 Luminescence of Biased AlInAs/AlGaAs Self-Assembled Quantum Dots 1413
S. Raymond, S. Fafard, Y. Feng & S. Charbonneau
18 Optical Gain in Self-Assembled InP/GaInP Quantum Dots 1417
A. Moritz, R. Wirth, A. Hangleiter, A. Kurtenbach & K. Eberl
19 Optical Properties of Individual InP Quantum Dots 1421
P. Castrillo, D. Hessman, M.-E. Pistol, C. Pryor, N. Carlsson, W. Seifert & L. Samuelson
20 Energy Relaxation in InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots 1425
R. Heitz, A. Kalburge, Q. Xie, M. Veit, M. Grundmann, P. Chen, A. Madhukar & D. Bimberg
21 Dependence of Exciton Binding Energies on Reduced Dimension in Semiconductor Nanostructures 1429
M. Bayer, S.N. Walck, T.L. Reinecke & A. Forchel
22 Linewidth and Finestructure of Optical Spectra from Single Quantum Dots 1433
A. Zrenner, M. Hagn, A. Schaller, G. Abstreiter, G. Böhm & G. Weimann
23 Dynamics of Exciton Gases in Quantum Dots 1437
U. Bockelmann, A. Filoramo, W. Heller & Ph. Roussignol

F. Wide-Gap Semiconductor Quantum Dots

1 Near-Field Optical Spectroscopy of Magnetic Semiconductor Quantum Dots 1441
V. Nikitin, P.A. Crowell, J. Levy, J. Shi, D.D. Awschalom, F. Flack & N. Samarth
2 Magnetic Terraces in Quantum Dots 1445
M. Stopa, J.P. Bird, K. Ishibashi, Y. Aoyagi & T. Sugano
3 An Optical Study of the Self-Organized Growth of ZnTe Strained Islands in CdTe Quantum Wells 1449
Q.X. Zhao, V. Calvo, P. Lefebvre, J. All
4 Room Temperature Stimulated Emission from ZnO Quantum Dot Films 1453
P. Yu, Z.K. Tang, G.K.L. Wong, M. Kawasaki, A. Ohtomo, H. Koinuma & Y. Segawa
5 Zero-Dimensional Excitons in (ZnCd)Se-Quantum Structures 1457
M. Lowisch, M. Rabe, N. Hoffmann, R. Mitdank, B. Stegemann, F. Henneberger, M. Grundmann, V. Türck & D. Bimberg
6 Raman Scattering and Multiphonon Luminescence in Semiconductor Quantum Dots 1461
V.M. Fomin, E.P. Pokatilov, J.T. Devreese, S.N. Klimin, S.N. Balaban & V.N. Gladilin
7 Fine Structure and Confined Acoustic Phonons in CdSe Quantum Dots 1465
F. Gindele, O. Wind & U. Woggon
8 Magnetic Polaron in Semimagnetic Semiconductor Quantum Dots 1469
A.K. Bhattacharjee & C. Benoit
9 Magnetooptical Effects in Semimagnetic Semiconductor Quantum Dots 1473
A.I. Savchuk, S.V. Medynskiy, I.D. Stolyarchuk & P.I. Nikitin
10 Exciton Luminescence and the Dynamics in Cd1-xMnxSe Quantum Dots 1477
K. Yanata & Y. Oka
11 Persistent Hole Burning Spectroscopy of Semiconductor Quantum Dots 1481
Y. Masumoto, K. Sonobe & N. Sakakura
12 Spin-Flip Raman Scattering in Quantum Dots Based on Cd1-xMnxTe/CdTe Quantum Well Structures 1485
P.J. Klar, D. Wolverson, J.J. Davies, B. Lunn, D.E. Ashenford & T. Henning

G. Antidot Lattices

1 Numerical Studies on Chaotic Features in Magnetotransport through Mesoscopic Antidot Arrays 1489
H. Xu
2 Coherent Magnetotransport in Confined Arrays of Antidots 1493
I.V. Zozoulenko, F.A. Ma
3 Transport Properties in Finite Antidots System 1497
W. Lu & O.K. Andersen
4 Influence of Pinned Orbits and Runaway Trajectories on the Magneto Transport in Antidot Lattices with a ``Diatomic'' Basis 1501
R. Kaiser, B. Irmer, M. Wendel, T. Schlösser, H. Lorenz, A. Lorke, K. Ensslin, J.P. Kotthaus & A. Gossard
5 Magnetotransport in Antidot Lattices 1505
S. Uryu & T. Ando
6 Theoretical Study on Magnetoresistance through Rectangular and Disordered Antidot Lattices 1509
W. Lu & O.K. Andersen
7 Nonlinear Quantum Transport in Antidot Arrays 1513
G. Nachtwei, D. Weiss, G. Lütjering, Z.H. Liu, K. von Klitzing, C.T. Foxon & G. Weimann
8 Magnetoresistance of Rectangular Antidot Superlattices 1517
P. Rotter, U. Rössler, M. Suhrke, R. Schuster, R. Neudert, K. Ensslin & J.P. Kotthaus
9 Resonance Magnetoresistance by Chaotic Billiard Scattering in Antidot Array Structures 1521
K. Aoki
10 Insulator to Quantum Hall Liquid Transition in Antidot Lattices 1525
F. Nihey, M.A. Kastner & K. Nakamura

H. Coherent Transport and Tunneling in Quantum Dots

1 Ballistic Motion of Electrons in a Random Magnetic Field 1529
P.D. Ye, D. Weiss, G. Lütjering, R.R. Gerhardts, K. von Klitzing, K. Eberl, H. Nickel & G. Weimann
2 Ballistic Magneto-Transport in a Three-Probe Hénon Heiles Dot 1533
3 Ballistic Electrons in a Periodic Magnetic Potential: Minimising Electrostatic Effects 1537
S. Carlton, A. Nogaret, H.A. Carmona, B.L. Gallagher, P.C. Main & S.P. Beaumont
4 First Time-Dependent Simulation of Coherent Quantum Transport in Strong Magnetic Fields 1541
G. Fasol
5 Nonlocal Effects in Electron Sinai Billiards 1545
M.V. Budantsev, Z.D. Kvon, A.G. Pogosov, N.T. Moshegov, A.E. Plotnikov & A.I. Toropov
6 The Transition from a Square to Sinai Billiard 1549
R.P. Taylor, R. Newbury, A.S. Sachrajda, Y. Feng, P.T. Coleridge, Z. Wasilewski, N. Zhu & H. Guo
7 Definitive Manifestation of Wave-Function Scattering in Regular Mesoscopic Billiards 1553
J.P. Bird, R. Akis, D.K. Ferry, Y. Ochiai, K. Ishibashi, Y. Aoyagi & T. Sugano
8 Geometrical Commensurability in an Open Ballistic Square 1557
R. Schuster & K. Ensslin
9 Chaotic Dynamics of Ballistic Electrons on a Single Elliptically-Shaped Antidot 1561
X. Kleber, G.M. Gusev, U. Gennser, D.K. Maude, J.C. Portal, D.I. Lubyshev, P. Basmaji, M. De P.A. Silva, J.C. Rossi & Yu.V. Nastaushev
10 Shot Noise and I-V Curve in a Ballistic Quantum Point Contact 1565
I.A. Larkin & M. Reznikov
11 Photon Assisted Tunneling through Discrete States in a Quantum Dot 1569
T.H. Oosterkamp, L.P. Kouwenhoven, A.E.A. Koolen & C.J.P.M. Harmans
12 Electronic Transport through an Artificial Molecule 1573
R.H. Blick, D. Pfannkuche, R.J. Haug, K. von Klitzing & K. Eberl
13 Zeeman Splitting of Single Semiconductor Impurities and Determination of Spin g* Factor in a Quantum Well 1577
M.R. Deshpande, J.W. Sleight, M.A. Reed, R.G. Wheeler & R.J. Matyi
14 Phonon Modes, Electron-Phonon Interaction, and Thermalization Process in Quantum Dots 1581
B.-F. Zhu
15 Size Effects in Low-Temperature Conductivity of 3-Dimensional Lattice of InSb Quantum Dots 1585
S.G. Romanov, A.V. Fokin, D.V. Shamshur, D.K. Maude & J.C. Portal

I. Correlation in Quantum Dots

1 Coulomb Blockade in a Weakly Coupled Multiple-Dot Channel MOSFET 1589
H. Ishikuro, T. Fujii, T. Saraya, G. Hashiguchi, T. Hiramoto & T. Ikoma
2 Non-Linear Effects and Electron-Electron-Interaction in Mesoscopic Structures 1593
H. Linke, P. Omling, H. Xu, S.M. Reimann & P.E. Lindelof
3 Orbital Magnetism of Disordered Quantum Dots: Effects of Temperature and Coulomb Interaction 1597
H. Tamura & M. Ueda
4 Evidence for Luttinger Liquid Behavior in the Coulomb Blockade Regime 1601
L.W. Molenkamp & K. Flensberg
5 Coulomb Charging Energy in Circular Quantum Dots 1605
J.O. Fjærestad, A. Matulis & K.A. Chao
6 Single-Electron Charging of Self-Assembled InAs Quantum Dots 1609
M. Fricke, A. Lorke, M. Haslinger, J.P. Kotthaus, G. Medeiros-Ribeiro & P.M. Petroff
7 Vertically Coupled Double Quantum Dot in the Fractional Quantum Hall Regime - Magic Numbers and Optical Absorption 1613
P.A. Maksym, H. Imamura & H. Aoki
8 Shell Structure and Hund's Rule in a Few Electron Quantum Dot 1617
S. Tarucha, D.G. Austing, T. Honda, R.J. van der Hage & L.P. Kouwenhoven

J. Si and Ge Nanocrystals and Clusters

1 Enhancement and Anisotropy of the Polarization Memory Resonantly Excited Luminescing Si-Nanocrystallites 1621
D. Kovalev, M. Ben-Chorin, J. Diener, B. Averboukh, G. Polisski & F. Koch
2 Photoluminescence Properties of Surface-Oxidized Ge and Si Nanocrystals 1625
Y. Kanemitsu & S. Okamoto
3 Light Emission from Si-Si1-xGex Quantum Dots Coated with Stressed SiNx 1629
Y.S. Tang, S.E. Hicks, C.M. Sotomayor Torres, C.D.W. Wilkinson, W.-X. Ni & G.V. Hansson
4 Quantum Confinement Effects Above the Band Gap in Ge Quantum Dots 1633
P. Tognini, A. Stella, M. Geddo, P. Cheyssac & R. Kofman
5 Optical Properties of Si-Si1-xGex Quantum Dots and Anti-Dots 1637
Y.S. Tang, C.M. Sotomayor Torres, S.P. Beaumont, W.-X. Ni & G.V. Hansson
6 Experimental Study of the Energy-Band Structure of Porous Silicon 1641
O.K. Andersen, F.P. Romstad, N. Saksulv & E. Veje
7 Excess Carrier Transport in Porous Silicon 1645
E.A. Lebedev, E.A. Smorgonskaya, G. Polisski, V. Petrova-Koch & F. Koch
8 Low Temperature Synthesis of Ge Nanocrystals in Zeolite Y 1649
H. Míguez, V. Fornés, F. Márquez, F. Meseguer & C. López
9 A Novel Quantum Size Effect: Electronic States of Nanocrystalline Silicon Embedded in Amorphous Silicon 1653
S. Nomura, X. Zhao, Y. Aoyagi & T. Sugano
10 Electronic, Vibrational and Geometrical Structure of Si20 and Si21 1657
M.R. Pederson, K. Jackson, D. Porezag, Z. Hajnal & Th. Frauenheim

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