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A. Transport

1 Gunn-Domain Governed Optical Nonlinearities in Bulk A3B5 Crystals 71
L. Subacius, V. Gruzinskis, P. Shiktorov, E. Starikov & K. Jarasiunas
2 Balance-Equation Analysis of High-Field Electron Transport in Nonparabolic Semiconductors 75
X.L. Lei, J.C. Cao & B. Dong
3 Thermal Conductivity of Hot Electrons in Si 79
P. Golinelli, R. Brunetti, L. Varani, L. Reggiani, E. Starikov, P. Shiktorov, V. Gruzinskis, T. González, M.J. Martín & D. Pardo
4 Origin of Magneto-Thermopower of Degenerate Semiconductors 83
B. Tieke, J.C. Maan, R. Fletcher, W. Dobrowolski, A. Mycielski & A. Wittlin
5 Effect of Degeneracy Lifting on Hopping in p-Type Silicon 87
M. Stöhr, P. Janiszewski, T.E. Whall, J.-C. Portal & J.A. Chroboczek
6 Relevance of the Exciton Effect on Ambipolar Transport and Auger Recombination in Silicon at Room Temperature 91
V. Grivickas, J. Linnros, A. Galeckas & V. Bikbajevas
7 Transport Properties of CVD and Synthetic Diamond 95
C.E. Nebel, J. Münz, E. Rohrer, C.F.O. Graeff, M. Stutzmann, R. Zachai & H. Güttler
8 A New Type of Conductivity in Semiconductors at Low and Superlow Temperatures 99
S.A. Obukhov
9 Transport Equations for Quantum Many-Particle Systems with Correlations; General Formalism and Application to Electron-Phonon Systems 103
J. Fricke, C. Wöhler & K. Schönhammer
10 Photocurrent Generation without Electrical Bias in Bulk Semiconductor and Quantum Well 107
R. Atanasov, A. Haché, Y. Kostoulas, J.L.P. Hughes, J.E. Sipe & H.M. van Driel
11 Conduction Band Structure of 4H SiC 111
D.M. Hofmann, G. Steude, D. Volm, B.K. Meyer, W.M. Chen, N.T. Son, C. Persson, U. Lindefelt, O. Kordina, E. Sörman, A.O. Konstantinov, B. Monemar & E. Janzén
12 High Field Cyclotron Resonance Study of the L-Conduction Band and the Magnetic Field-Induced Gamma-L Cross-Over in GaSb 113
N. Miura, H. Arimoto & R.J. Nicholas
13 Self-Organization Phenomena in Nonequilibrium Electron-Hole Plasma in Many-Valley Semiconductor 117
M.N. Vinoslavskiy & O.G. Sarbey
14 Pulsed-Laser Induced Plasma Oscillations in GaAs Crystals 121
M. Inoue, M. Sasaki, T. Ueda, K. Kusano & H. Negishi
15 Evaluation of New Possibilities of the Post Transit Space-Charge-Limited Photocurrent Method 125
G. Juska, M. Vil
16 Low-Temperature Impurity Breakdown. Model of Streaming 129
V.V. Baidakov, V.N. Ermakov, N.N. Grigor'ev, V.V. Kolomoets, T.A. Kudykina, A.E. Gorin, N.V. Stuchinska & V.A. Shenderovskii
17 Nonlinear Transport and Domain Formation in Semi-Insulating GaAs 133
F. Piazza, P.C.M. Christianen & J.C. Maan
18 Dynamics of Current Filaments in n-Type GaAs under the Influence of a Transverse Magnetic Field 137
K. Kunihiro, M. Gaa & E. Schöll
19 Hopping Transport: A New Effective Medium Theory for Studying the Influence of the Magnetic Fields 141
O. Bleibaum, H. Böttger & V.V. Bryksin
20 Ballistic Transport in High Mobility Semiconductors 145
M.I. Dyakonov & M.S. Shur

B. Phase Transitions, Localization

1 Far-Infrared Probing of Nonmetal-Metal Transition for n-GaAs in Magnetic Fields 149
H. Kobori, M. Inoue & T. Ohyama
2 Structure and Glass-Transition in GexSe1-x Studied by Raman Scattering 153
Y. Wang, O. Matsuda, K. Murase & K. Inoue
3 The Metal-Insulator Transition in the Anderson Model of Localization in Fractal Lattices 157
M. Schreiber & H. Grussbach
4 Extension of the Metal-Insulator Transition to Non-Zero Temperatures 161
I. Shlimak, M. Kaveh, V.R. Ussyshkin, V. Ginodman & L. Resnik
5 Density of States and Localization Properties of Disordered Quantum Systems with Long-Range Interactions 165
M. Schreiber, F. Epperlein & T. Vojta
6 Band-Gap Narrowing and Mott Transition in Heavily Boron-Doped Diamond: Optical Investigation 169
H. Sternschulte, T. Albrecht, K. Thonke & R. Sauer
7 The Mott Criterion for the Exciton System 173
A.A. Rogachev
8 Study of Electronic States and Phase Transitions of Semimetals by Use of Far-Infrared Spectroscopy in Megagauss Fields 177
N. Miura, Y. Shimamoto & H. Nojiri
9 Temperature Dependence of the Electrical Conductivity and Diffusivity of Barely Metallic n-Type Silicon 181
T.G. Castner

C. Lattice Vibrations

1 Isotope Effects in CuCl: Phonons and Electronic Structure 185
T. Ruf, A. Göbel, M. Cardona, C.T. Lin, J. Wrzesinski
2 Impulsive Softening of Coherent Phonons as a Precursor of Nonthermal Melting 193
S. Hunsche, K. Wienecke, T. Dekorsy & H. Kurz
3 Raman Scattering on Isotopic alpha-Sn Alloys 197
D.T. Wang, A. Göbel, J. Zegenhagen & M. Cardona
4 Isotope Effects on Phonons in CdS: Determination of E2-Eigenvectors 201
J.M. Zhang, T. Ruf, A. Göbel, A. Debernadi, R. Lauck & M. Cardona
5 Multiphonon Acoustic Emission (MAE) in the Near Band-Gap Photoluminescence of CdTe 205
J. Aguilar-Hernandez, G. Contreras-Puente, M. Cardenas-Garcia, O. Zelaya-Angel & C. Trallero-Giner
6 Coupled Solitons in Resonant Raman Interaction of Intense Polaritons 209
A.L. Ivanov, H. Haug & G.S. Vygovskii
7 High Resolution Multiphonon Raman Scattering in InP in a Magnetic Field 213
E.T.M. Kernohan, F. Yang & R.T. Phillips
8 Interference between Hole Continuum and LO-Phonons as Revealed by Raman Scattering on p-Type GaAs:Zn 217
G. Irmer, M. Wenzel & J. Monecke
9 Temperature Dependence of Effective Mass in Bulk n-GaAs up to T=400 K by Magnetophonon Resonance and Raman Spectroscopy 221
D. Schneider, K. Fricke, J. Schulz, G. Irmer & M. Wenzel
10 Direct Correlation of Electron-Lattice Thermalization with the LO Phonon Lifetime in GaAs 225
P. Langot, N. Del Fatti, R. Tommasi & F. Vallee
11 Ab Initio Calculation of Phonons in Semiconductor Bulk and Surfaces 229
Ch. Eckl, P. Pavone, J. Fritsch & U. Schröder
12 Phonon Energies at the M-Point in 4H-SiC 233
I.G. Ivanov, A. Henry, U. Lindefelt, C. Persson, T. Egilsson, O. Kordina, C. Hallin, B. Monemar & E. Janzén
13 One Mode Behavior of LO Phonon-Plasmon Interaction in n-Type Doped In0.5Ga0.5P/GaAs Alloys 237
H. Lee & M.V. Klein
14 Phonon Polaritons in Semiconductor Nanostructures 241
C. Trallero-Giner, M. Cardona & F. Comas
15 Vibrational Effects on Core-Level Spectroscopy from Ab-Initio Lattice Dynamics 245
K.A. Mäder & S. Baroni
16 Lattice Dynamics of Be-Containing II-VI Compounds 249
C. Becker, U. Küster, R. Kruse, J. Geurts, H. Lugauer, F. Fischer, Th. Litz, A. Waag & G. Landwehr
17 A Neutron Scattering Study of Lattice Dynamics of HgSe and beta-HgS 253
W. Szuszkiewicz, K. Dybko, E. Dynowska, J. Górecka, B. Witkowska & B. Hennion
18 Collective Rotations in Oxides 257
E. Artacho, K.G. Singh & G. Gomez-Santos

D. Optical Properties

1 An Optically Detected Cyclotron Resonance Study of Spin-Splitting of the Conduction Bands in II-VI Semiconductors 261
M. Drechsler, D.M. Hofmann & B.K. Meyer
2 Optical Response from 0.01 to 6 eV of AlxGa1-xSb/GaSb Epitaxial Layers 265
R. Ferrini, M. Galli, G. Guizzetti, M. Patrini, A. Bosacchi & S. Franchi
3 Observation of Acoustic Plasma Oscillations in p-GaAs Associated with Inter-Valence-Band Photoeffect 269
B.H. Bairamov, V.A. Voitenko, V.K. Negoduyko, V.V. Toporov, G. Irmer & J. Monecke
4 Study on Secondary Optical Processes by K-Selective Two-Photon Excitation of 1s-Ortho-Excitons in Cu2O 273
N. Naka, M. Hasuo, S. Kono & N. Nagasawa
5 Stimulated Emission in Indirect-Gap of AlGaInP 277
W. Schwarz, A. Wörner, M. Umlauff, H. Kalt, W. Langbein, D.J. Mowbray & M. Hopkinson
6 Material-Independent Anisotropy of Two-Photon Absorption Spectra in Semiconductors 281
M. Murayama & T. Nakayama
7 Magneto-Optic Properties of Cr-Doped Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors 285
K. Ando & A. Twardowski
8 Spectral Ellipsometry Study of Zn0.53Cd0.47Se Lattice Matched to InP 289
F.H. Pollak, P. Ram, T. Holden, J.L. Freeouf, B.X. Yang & M.C. Tamargo
9 The Influence of Phonon-Assisted Auger Recombination on the Electroluminescent Efficiency of InGaAsP Bulk, Strained and Unstrained Quantum-Well Structures 293
A.R. Adams, E.P. O'Reilly, M. Silver, A.F. Phillips, S.J. Sweeney
10 Quasiparticle Calculations for Bulk Semiconductors and their Surfaces 297
M. Rohlfing, P. Krüger & J. Pollmann
11 Anharmonic Contributions to Elastic and Optical Properties of Covalent Semiconductors 301
K. Karch, A.P. Mayer, T. Dietrich, G. Lang, W. Windl, P. Pavone, D. Strauch & F. Bechstedt
12 Formalism for Calculating Momentum Matrix Elements with Ultra-Soft Pseudopotentials 305
H. Kageshima & K. Shiraishi
13 Diagrammatic Approach to the Fano Interference in Light Scattering from Doped Semiconductors 309
V.I. Belitsky, A. Cantarero, C. Trallero-Giner, S.T. Pavlov & M. Cardona
14 Ab Initio Calculations of the Optical Properties of Semiconductors 313
B. Adolph, K. Tenelsen, V.I. Gavrilenko, F. Bechstedt & R. Del Sole
15 Analytical Theory of Hot Photoluminescence in Cubic Semiconductors 317
A.V. Malyshev, I.A. Merkulov & A.V. Rodina
16 First Principles Calculation of the Nonlinear Optical Properties of Semiconductors 321
J.L.P. Hughes & J.E. Sipe
17 Mn 3d, 3p and 3s Resonant Photoemission at Mn 2p Core Threshold of NiAs-Type MnTe 325
H. Sato, A. Furuta, A. Tanaka, K. Mimura, S. Senba, N. Happo, T. Jo, M. Taniguchi & Y. Ueda
18 Structural, Electrical, and Optical Studies of GaAs Implanted with MeV As or Ga Ions - Material of Fast Photocarrier Recombination 329
J. Jasinski, M. Kaminska, Z. Liliental-Weber, J. Washburn, H.H. Tan, C. Jagadish, A. Krotkus & S. Marcinkievicius

E. Excitons, Polaritons

1 On Selective Exciton Formation in GaAs Bulk and Quantum Wells 333
M. Gulia, P.E. Selbmann, F. Rossi, E. Molinari & P. Lugli
2 Nonlinear Spectroscopy of ZnTe under Hydrostatic Pressure 337
M. Steube, St. Rübenacke & K. Reimann
3 Near-Infrared Photoluminescence of Polyexcitons in Silicon 341
M.L.W. Thewalt, V.A. Karasyuk, D.A. Harrison & D.A. Huber
4 Exciton-Phonon Resonance in the Continuum Absorption of GaAs 345
C. Trallero-Giner, R. Zimmermann, M. Trinn & R.G. Ulbrich
5 Magneto-Optics of Alloy-Trapped Excitons in CdS-Se Solid Solutions 349
A.N. Reznitsky, S. Verbin, S.A. Permogorov, A.V. Kornievsky, L. Tenishev, A.Yu. Kaminskii, H. Gerlach, M. Grün, M. Hetterich & C. Klingshirn
6 Phase of Quantum Interference between Two Excitons in GaSe 353
A. Hasegawa, Y. Mitsumori, S. Tanaka & F. Minami
7 Polariton-Electron Interaction in GaAs 357
V.V. Travnikov, S.O. Kognovitskii, Ja. Aaviksoo & I. Reimand
8 Time Dynamics of Partially Coherent Polaritons in Direct-Gap Semiconductors 361
I.V. Beloussov & V.V. Frolov
9 Exciton and Phonon Quantization in Ultrathin Epitaxial Layers of ZnSe 365
H. Uebbing, H. Stolz, W. von der Osten, D. Hommel, H. Schäfer & G. Landwehr
10 Magneto-Optical Properties of the I1d Bound Exciton Emission Center in ZnSe 369
U.W. Pohl, A. Göldner, R. Heitz & A. Hoffmann
11 Quenching of Fano Resonances in GaAs due to Electron-Phonon Polaronic Interaction 373
V. Bellani, L. Viña, E. Pérez, R. Hey & K. Ploog
12 Investigation of Hyper-Raman Scattering of Biexcitons in beta-ZnP2 377
D. Fröhlich, St. Leute, S. Spitzer, O. Arimoto & K. Nakamura
13 Exciton Polariton Interference in Thick GaAs Films 381
D.A. Harrison, V.A. Karasyuk, M.L.W. Thewalt, D.J.S. Beckett & A.J. SpringThorpe

F. Semimagnetic Semiconductors

1 Raman Scattering by Magnons in MBE-Grown Cd1-xMnxTe Layers 385
W. Szuszkiewicz, E. Dynowska, E. Janik, G. Karczewski, T. Wojtowicz, J. Kossut, M. Jouanne & W. Gebicki
2 Exciton Magnetophotoluminescence Study on the Mn-Mn Pair Interaction in Cd0.95Mn0.05Se under High Pressures 389
Y. Matsuda, N. Kuroda, T. Yao
3 Optically Studied Spin Relaxation Processes in CdMnTe 393
M. Godlewski, A. Wittlin, R.R. Galazka, B. Monemar, T. Gregorkiewicz, C.A.J. Ammerlaan, P.H.M. Van Loosdrecht & J.A.A.J. Perenboom
4 Optical Orientation of Magnetic Polarons in Semimagnetic Superlattices 397
D.R. Yakovlev, V.P. Kochereshko, I.A. Merkulov, K.V. Kavokin, G. Mackh, W. Ossau, A. Waag & G. Landwehr
5 New Excitonic Signature of the Magnetic Field Induced Type I/Type II Crossover in Semimagnetic Superlattices 401
H.H. Cheng, R.J. Nicholas, D.E. Ashenford & B. Lunn
6 Ferromagnetic Order in (Ga,Mn)As/GaAs Heterostructures 405
H. Ohno, F. Matsukura, A. Shen, Y. Sugawara, A. Oiwa, A. Endo, S. Katsumoto & Y. Iye
7 Magnetic Quenching of Time-Reversed Light in a Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor CdMnTe 409
M. Dinu, R.S. Rana, I. Miotkowski, D.D. Nolte & S. Trivedi
8 Distinct Excitonic Resonances in the Optical Spectra of Narrow-Gap Semiconductors 413
J.W. Tomm, Y.I. Mazur, G.G. Tarasov, F. Fuchs & V. Jähnke
9 Magnetic and Electrical Properties of GaMnAs Grown by MBE 417
L. Van Bockstal, A. Van Esch, R. Bogaerts, F. Herlach, J. De Boeck & G. Borghs
10 The Composition Dependence of Magnetic and Transport Properties of Sn1-xGdxTe 421
T. Story, M. Arciszewska, W. Dobrowolski, Z. Golacki, M. Górska, E. Grodzicka, A.
11 Interaction of Exciton Magnetic Polaron with Spin Glass Phase in (Cd,Mn)Te 425
A.L. Chudnovskiy, B. Rosenow, R. Oppermann, D.R. Yakovlev, U. Zehnder & W. Ossau
12 Exciton Free Magnetic Polarons with 3-Dimensional Kinetic Motion in Cd1-xMnxTe 429
S. Takeyama, S. Adachi, Y. Takagi, T. Karasawa & V.F. Aguekian
13 Transient Photoreflectance as a Probe of Magnetic Relaxation in Semimagnetic Semiconductors 433
D. Scalbert, W. Farah & M. Nawrocki
14 Magnetic Polaron Parameters in CdTe/(Cd,Mn)Te Quantum Wells with Low Manganese Concentration 437
G.R. Pozina, I.A. Merkulov, N. Paganotto, J. Siviniant, D. Coquillat, J.P. Lascaray & J. Cibert
15 Carrier-Ion Exchange Interactions in Crystals Cd1-xCoxTe 441
V.G. Abramishvily, A.V. Komarov, S.M. Ryabchenko, A.I. Savchuk & Y.G. Semenov
16 Ultrafast Spin Response in Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors and i 445
17 Raman-Spectroscopic Determination of the Nearest-Neighbor Exchange Constant for Mn2+ in Cd1-xMnxTe/Cd1-yMgyTe Quantum Wells 449
J. Stühler, M. Dahl, G. Schaack, A. Waag, G. Landwehr, K.V. Kavokin & I.A. Merkulov
18 Exchange Parameters in Semimagnetic Semiconductors of Reduced Dimensionality 453
W. Ossau, G. Mackh, A. Waag & G. Landwehr
19 Fabrication and Optical Properties of Metastable Magnetic Semiconductor MnSe 457
K. Ando & K. Takahashi
20 The Influence of the Competition between Ferro- and Antiferromagnetic Spin-Spin Exchange Interactions on the Magnetic Properties of PbSnMnTe 461
T. Story, A. Jedrzejczak, P. Lazarczyk, M. Arciszewska & R.R. Galazka

G. Ordered InGaP

1 Structural and Electronic Properties of Ordered (GaIn)P 465
Z. Spika, J. Jiang, C. Zimprich, P. Großmann, A. Schaper, W. Stolz, E.O. Göbel, P. Werner & J. Feldmann
2 Evidence for Strong Internal Electric Fields in Ordered GaInP 469
P. Ernst, C. Geng, M. Burkard, F. Scholz & H. Schweizer
3 Band-Gap Reduction and Valence-Band Splitting of Ordered (Al,Ga)InP Studied by Dark-Field Spectroscopy and Generalized Ellipsometry 473
M. Schubert, B. Rheinländer, I. Pietzonka, V. Gottschalch & J.A. Woollam
4 Spontaneous Ordering in (110)-InGaP 477
A.M. Mintairov, N.A. Bert, A.A. Sitnikova, A.S. Vlasov, I.G. Malkina, B.N. Zvonkov, E.R. Lin'kova & Yu.N. Saf'yanov
5 Ordering Effects on the Micro-Raman Spectra of GaInP 481
N. Mestres, F. Alsina, J. Pascual, J.M. Bluet, J. Camassel, C. Geng & F. Scholz
6 Raman Scattering Investigation of the Atomic Ordering Degree in GaInP 485
A. Hassine, J. Sapriel, P. Le Berre, F. Alexandre, M. Quillec & M.A. Di Forte-Poisson
7 Upconversion of Near GaAs Bandgap Photons to GaInP2 Emission at the GaAs/(ordered) GaInP2 Heterojunction 489
K.L. Teo, Z.P. Su, P.Y. Yu & K. Uchida
8 Magnetic Field Dependence of Up-Converted Photoluminescence in Partially Ordered GaInP2/GaAs up to 23 T 493
J. Zeman, G. Martinez, P.Y. Yu & K. Uchida

H. Group-III Nitrides

1 GaN on GaN - Material for Blue Optoelectronics 497
J.M. Baranowski & S. Porowski
2 Resonant Multi-LO-Phonon Raman Scattering in Hexagonal GaN 505
D. Behr, J. Wagner, R. Niebuhr, C. Merz, K.H. Bachem, H. Amano & I. Akasaki
3 Hall-Effect Measurements on Stoichiometrically Grown Cubic GaN Epilayers on GaAs-Substrates 509
D.J. As, A. Greiner, M. Lübbers, J. Mimkes, M. Hankeln, K. Lischka & D. Schikora
4 Origin of Strain in GaN Thin Films 513
C. Kisielowski, J. Krüger, M. Leung, R. Klockenbrinck, H. Fujii, T. Suski, G.S. Sudhir, J.W. Ager III, M. Rubin & E.R. Weber
5 Deformation of GaN Films Grown on SiC Substrates 517
V.Yu. Davydov, N.S. Averkiev, I.N. Goncharuk, D.K. Nelson, A.S. Polkovnikov, M.A. Jacobson, I.P. Nikitina & O.K. Semchinova
6 Characterization of the Electrical Properties of GaN Grown by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy 521
W. Götz, L.T. Romano, J. Walker, N.M. Johnson & R.J. Molnar
7 Electronic Structure of Wurtzite GaN(0001) 525
S.A. Ding, S.R. Barman, K. Horn & V.L. Alperovich
8 First-Principles Calculation of Pressure-Dependent Properties of BN and AlN 529
K. Karch, G. Portisch, F. Bechstedt, P. Pavone & D. Strauch
9 Time-Resolved Raman Scattering in Gallium Nitride 533
H. Siegle, V. Kutzer, A. Hoffmann & C. Thomsen
10 Acoustic and Optical Zone-Boundary Phonons in Gallium Nitride 537
H. Siegle, L. Filippidis, G. Kaczmarczyk, A.P. Litvinchuk, A. Hoffmann & C. Thomsen
11 Time-Resolved Luminescence Spectroscopy of GaN and InGaN Epitaxial Layers under High-Density Excitation 541
T. Taguchi, Y. Yamada, K. Okada, T. Maeda, F. Sasaki, S. Kobayashi, T. Tani, S. Nakamura & G. Shinomiya
12 Excitons in GaN and InGaN 545
J.P. Bergman, I.A. Buyanova, W. Li, B. Monemar, H. Amano & I. Akasaki
13 Magneto-Optics of Excitons in Homo-Epitaxial GaN Layers 549
R. Stepniewski, A. Wysmolek, K. Pakula, J.M. Baranowski, M. Potemski, G. Martinez, I. Grzegory, M. Wróblewski & S. Porowski
14 Phonon Emission from Hot Carriers in an n-Type GaN Epilayer Grown on GaAs 553
P. Hawker, A.J. Kent, T.S. Cheng & C.T. Foxon
15 Polarity Dependent Surface Morphology of Bulk GaN Crystals 557
G. Nowak, S. Krukowski, I. Grzegory, J.M. Baranowski, K. Pakula & J. Zak
16 Thermal Stability of Group III-Nitrides Grown by MOCVD 561
O. Ambacher, A. Bergmair, M.S. Brandt, R. Dimitrov, G. Dollinger, R.A. Fischer, A. Miehr, T. Metzger & M. Stutzmann
17 Sub-Bandgap Absorption of Epitaxial AlN Films 565
W. Rieger, E. Rohrer, R. Dimitrov, D. Brunner, H. Angerer, C.E. Nebel, O. Ambacher & M. Stutzmann
18 The Effect of Electric Field on the Exciton States in Epitaxial GaN Films Grown on 6H-SiC Substrates 569
M.A. Jacobson, V.D. Kagan, E.V. Kalinina, D.K. Nelson, A.V. Selkin, V.A. Dmitriev, K.G. Irvine & C.H. Carter Jr.
19 Angular Dependence of the NEXAFS Structure in Hexagonal and Cubic GaN 573
M. Katsikini, E.C. Paloura, J. Kalomiros, P. Bressler & T. Moustakas
20 Total Energy Study of the Epitaxial Growth of Cubic GaN on SiC 577
L.K. Teles, L.M.R. Scolfaro, R. Enderlein, J.R. Leite, A. Josiek, D. Schikora & K. Lischka
21 Strain Fields in GaN Epilayers: Their Origin, Magnitude and Consequences on Optical Properties 581
B. Gil, O. Briot, M. Tchounkeu, J.P. Alexis, R.L. Aulombard, J.F. Demangeot, J. Frandon & M. Renucci

I. Structure and Elastic Properties

1 Ab Initio Study of Structural and Electronic Properties of GaAlAsN Quaternary Alloys 585
E.G. Wang, Y.M. Gu, T. Pang, C. Chen, D.M. Bylander & L. Kleiman
2 Ab Initio Calculations of Elastic and Electronic Properties of ZnSe and ZnTe under Uniaxial Strain 589
J. Sörgel & U. Scherz
3 Theory of Ground State Structural Anomalies in Cuprous Halides: CuCl 593
D.J. Chadi & C.H. Park
4 The 597
A. Mujica, A. Muñoz & R.J. Needs
5 Theoretical Study of the Relative Stability of the High Pressure Phases of BeSe, BeTe, and BeS 601
A. Muñoz, P. Rodríguez-Hernández & A. Mujica
6 First-Principles Approach to the Effect of Strain on the Permittivity of Strontium Titanate 605
T. Schimizu

J. Theory - Basic Aspects

1 Electronic Structure Calculations Beyond the Local Density Approximation: Application to Silicon 609
M. Palummo, G. Onida, R. Del Sole & L. Reining
2 Exact Exchange Potential for Semiconductors 613
M. Städele, J.A. Majewski, P. Vogl & A. Görling
3 New Pseudopotentials for II-VI Semiconductors 617
D. Vogel, P. Krüger & J. Pollmann
4 Delocalized Positrons in Diamond: Lifetime and Momentum Distribution 621
W.G. Schmidt, W.S. Verwoerd, R.W.N. Nilen, S.H. Connel & D.T. Britton

K. Ultrafast and Coherent Phenomena

1 Photocarrier Dynamics in the Very Early Time Regime 625
D.S. Chemla
2 Non-Markovian Relaxation in GaAs: Four-Wave-Mixing Experiments Using 15 fs Pulses 633
M. Wegener, M.U. Wehner, D. Steinbach, L. Bányai, D.B. Tran-Thoai, E. Reitsamer, H. Haug & W. Stolz
3 Coherence and Correlation of Excitons in Conventional and Highly Correlated Semiconductors 641
L.J. Sham
4 Squeezed Light Generation in Semiconductors 649
A.M. Fox, M. Dabbicco & J.F. Ryan
5 Ultrafast Heavy-Light Hole Quantum Beats in GaAs Observed in Pump-Probe Experiments with 20 Femtosecond Pulses 657
M. Joschko, M. Woerner, T. Elsaesser, R. Hey, H. Kostial & K. Ploog
6 Ultrafast Study of Non-Fermi Electron and Hole Distributions in GaAs 661
A. Leitenstorfer & C. Fürst
7 Femtosecond Investigation of Hole-Phonon Interactions in GaAs 665
P. Langot, N. Del Fatti, R. Tommasi, F. Vallee
8 Effect of Dynamical Screening on Femtosecond Luminescence in Heavily p-Doped Semiconductors 669
U. Hohenester, P. Kocevar, R. Rodrigues-Herzog, N.E. Hecker, M. Sailer & R.A. Höpfel
9 Femtosecond Time-Resolved Reflectivity of Ge 673
K.D. Myers, S. Zollner, R. Lange, K.G. Jensen, J.M. Dolan, D.W. Bailey & C.J. Stanton
10 Spin Quantum Beats - A Direct Measure of the Electron Landé g Factor 677
M. Oestreich, S. Hallstein & W.W. Rühle
11 Memory Effects in Semiconductor Light Emission and Lasing 681
K. Henneberger, H. Güldner & T. Jäkel
12 Quantum Kinetics for Femtosecond Four-Wave Mixing Spectroscopy 685
E. Reitsamer, L. Bányai, T.B. Tran Thoai, P.I. Tamborenea & H. Haug
13 Femtosecond Time-Resolved Spontaneous and Stimulated Photoluminescence Studies of MBE Grown ZnSe 689
K.S. Wong, W.J. Peng, H. Wang, I.K. Sou & G.K.L. Wong
14 Ultrafast Hot-Electron Magneto-Transport Transient in InSb 693
E.A. Mendes, E.W.S. Caetano, V.N. Freire & J.A.P. Da Costa
15 Ultrafast Coherent Transfer of Spin Angular Momenta in Magnetic Semiconductor Quantum Wells 697
S.A. Crooker, J.J. Baumberg, F. Flack, N. Samarth & D.D. Awschalom
16 Coherent Zone-Folded Phonons in GaAs/AlAs Superlattices Measured by Femtosecond Pump-Probe Spectroscopy 701
Y. Iwazaki, T. Mishina, Y. Masumoto & M. Nakayama
17 Time-Resolved Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing in GaAs Quantum Wells in a Magnetic Field 705
G.C. Nixon, R.T. Phillips & K.H. Ploog
18 Higher-Order Interband Coherence in Optically Excited Semiconductors 709
K. Victor & A. Stahl
19 Spectrally Resolved Transient Four-Wave Mixing Experiments in CdS Single Crystals 713
D. Weber, W. Petri, U. Woggon, C. Klingshirn, S. Shevel & E.O. Göbel
20 Exciton Dephasing in Quantum Wells: Influence of Spectral Fluctuation Processes 717
F. Löser, A. Neuber, D. Klatt, V.G. Lyssenko, K.-H. Pantke, K. Leo, S. Glutsch & K. Köhler
21 Correlations between the Dynamics of Nonlinear Transmission, Shift of Fabry-Perot Modes and Luminescence of Localized States in CdS1-xSex Mixed Crystals 721
T. Breitkopf, A. Osterlow, V. Lysenko, A.N. Reznitsky & C. Klingshirn
22 Far-Infrared Transient Grating Measurements of Electron Cooling in InAs and GaSb with Sub-Picosecond Time Resolution 725
H.P.M. Pellemans, W.Th. Wenckebach & P.C.M. Planken
23 Spin Quantum Beats of 2D Excitons 729
P. Le Jeune, X. Marie, T. Amand, D. Robart, M. Brousseau & J. Barrau
24 Nonlinear Propagation of Intense 2 eV / 110 fs Laser Pulses through Gallium Arsenide: Energy Dissipation and Envelope Variation 733
K. Sändig, G. Böhne & R.G. Ulbrich
25 Coherent Polariton Propagation in the Layered III-VI Semiconductor InSe 737
S. Nüsse, P. Haring Bolivar, H. Kurz, F. Levy, A. Chevy & O. Lang
26 Ultrafast Relaxation of Excitons in Manganese-Doped ZnSe 741
T. Kuroda, T. Takano, F. Minami & H. Akinaga
27 Ultrafast Differential Transmission in Semiconductor Superlattices 745
K. Litvinenko, D. Birkedal, V.G. Lyssenko & J.M. Hvam
28 Ultrafast Hole-Lattice Thermalization in GaAs Quantum Wells 749
S. Hunsche, A.M.T. Kim, T. Dekorsy, H. Kurz & K. Köhler
29 Intersubband Scattering Rates in GaAs Quantum Wells Measured by Femtosecond Luminescence 753
M. Hartig, S. Haacke, R.A. Taylor, L. Rota & B. Deveaud
30 Phase Sensitive Observation of Coherent Emitted Signals from Excitons in Quantum Well Structure 757
Y. Mitsumori, T. Kuroda & F. Minami
31 Time-Resolved Reflection Spectroscopy in Multiple Quantum Wells at Brewster-Angle Incidence 761
B.-R. Hyun, T. Mishina, Y. Masumoto & M. Nakayama
32 Correlation Effects and Polarization Mixing in the Ultrafast Phase Dynamics of Light in Semiconductor Heterostructures 765
Th. Östreich, K. Schönhammer & L.J. Sham
33 Formation of a Superradiant Exciton Mode in GaAs Multiple-Quantum-Well Bragg Structures 769
M. Hübner, J. Kuhl, T. Stroucken, A. Knorr, S.W. Koch, R. Hey & K. Ploog
34 Exciton Dynamics Probed by Interband-Pump Intersubband-Probe Technique 773
R. Duer, I. Shtrichman, O. Epstein, D. Gershoni & E. Ehrenfreund
35 Coherent Transient Stage in Photoluminescence of Excitonic Molecules in GaAs Quantum Wells 777
A.L. Ivanov, H. Wang, J. Shah, T.C. Damen, H. Haug & L.N. Pfeiffer
36 Coherent Ultrafast Spectroscopy Using the Doppler Effect 781
P. Vledder & J.I. Dijkhuis
37 Ultrafast Inter- and Intrasubband Dynamics of Electrons in Quantum Wells after Mid-Infrared Excitation 785
S. Lutgen, R.A. Kaindl, M. Woerner, T. Elsaesser, A. Hase, H. Künzel, M. Gulia, D. Meglio & P. Lugli
38 Ultrafast Coherent Carrier Control in Quantum Wells 789
A.P. Heberle, J.J. Baumberg, K. Köhler & K. Ploog

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