NOMAD Virtual Tutorial Series

NOMAD Virtual Tutorial Series

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Tutorial 2: NOMAD Materials Encyclopedia

Time: December 1-2, 2020
NOMAD Developer: Lauri Himanen
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The main focus of this second tutorial is on material exploration using NOMAD.
The previous tutorial has already introduced the NOMAD Archive which provides tools for exploring individual calculations. In this tutorial, we will introduce the complementary materials-oriented data organization provided by the NOMAD Materials Encyclopedia.
We will cover the key difference between these two approaches, introduce the methods used to link individual calculations into specific materials, and discuss how this new layer of information brings additional value to the data.

In this tutorial, Lauri Himanen will address:

  • Introduction to the NOMAD Encyclopedia – the materials-oriented view on computed data
  • From calculations to materials: How to identify a specific material in the heterogenous data pool of the computational materials-science ecosystem? Solutions for boosting interoperability
  • The NOMAD Encyclopedia GUI: A guide for exploring materials and their various properties on your browser
  • The NOMAD Encylopedia API – an advanced programmatic approach to materials exploration


Day 1: December 1, 2020
On day one, the participants and NOMAD developers first meet in the NOMAD zoom meeting room, where the developers present the NOMAD Encyclopedia and provide hands-on exercises.
Afterwards, the participants work independently on the given tasks. The NOMAD zoom meeting room remains open for questions and discussions. There the participants can also communicate with each other and can exchange information independently.

  • 9:00 am CET: Welcome, general introduction, and overview on NOMAD
  • 9:25 am CET: live discussion
  • 9:30 am CET: The NOMAD Encyclopedia
  • 10:15 am CET: live discussion
  • 10:30 am CET: hands-on exercises & live discussion

Day 2: December 2, 2020
On the second day, the live Q&A session with NOMAD developers will be the main focus. The NOMAD developers will answer questions and provide assistance in the NOMAD zoom meeting room

  • from 09:00 to 12:00 CET
  • from 14:00 to 19:00 CET.

All registered participants will receive the access data to the zoom room shortly before the start of the event.


Please register here to participate in the NOMAD Tutorial #2 (December 1-2, 2020) by Lauri Himanen: Registration


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