Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society
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Simulations from Ab Initio Approaches:
Structure and Dynamics from Quantum Mechanics

Group News

  • 02.08.2018: Karen joined the group last month and everyone is busy with a summer full of conferences to attend and co-organize.
  • 21.12.2017: More papers in and a new section focused on publications. Have a merry end of 2017, everyone.
  • 30.08.2017: First paper from research entirely developed after the start of our group is submitted. May it be the first of many!
  • xx.06.2017: Svenja Janke got the Otto Hahn Medal for her Ph.D. thesis and Haiyuan Wang got the prize for best Ph.D. thesis from Warwick University. Well done!!
  • 24.03.2017: We have been busy preparing and attending the APS and DPG conferences, where our work has been presented and well received. We have will also keep up the news in twitter from now on:
  • 08.12.2016: Merry Christmas season to everybody!
  • 02.11.2016: We're off to a good start in Berlin with a group leader and two new members having arrived in Berlin during October. Webpage going online even if the sun over here is going offline!


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